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Please find here more information about the MODSafe Final Conference in Cologne.


MODSafe was present at the TRA Conference 2012. The TRA "Transport Research Arena" 2012 
was held
on April 23-26, 2012 in Athens, Greece.

WP1 Determination of the State of the Art

A number of European projects have addressed various facets of guided transport safety. This WP1 will provide an overview of safety approaches to urban transport, which will integrate and address safety requirements needed for coping with the new technical, administrative, regulation and certification arrangements.

This WP1 work will review the state of the art in safety and will identify how the safety approaches are used in a large number of European Member States and compare among themselves and with those used in other safety critical industries. This work will evaluate and analyse existing approaches and available material concerning safety aspects in urban guided transport systems. Two tasks are identified:

  • Description of elements (principles, standards, regulations, new technologies, kind of systems, competencies etc.) which are used in the European States. This task is an input and a preliminary work for the WP6 and will be based on the state of the art of existing practices and national regulations. Major urban transport operators and main national safety authorities will be consulted. The outcome of relevant European (e.g. MODURBAN) and national projects will be analysed.
  • Review of existing certification processes including the security dimension (connection with WP8 and 9). This work will be performed in relation with notified bodies and safety authorities.

Two reports are planned:

  • First draft - State of the art on safety responsibilities and certification
  • Final report - State of the art on safety responsibilities and certification