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Please find here more information about the MODSafe Final Conference in Cologne.


MODSafe was present at the TRA Conference 2012. The TRA "Transport Research Arena" 2012 
was held
on April 23-26, 2012 in Athens, Greece.

WP2 MODSafe Hazards and Risks Analysis

Within the whole MODSafe project as well as in the V-Model, one of the first activities is the Hazard and Risk Analysis¬Ě (MODSafe WP2). Its objective is a proposal of an agreed and harmonized Urban Guided Transport Hazards and Risk Analysis. WP2 is parted into three tasks:

Provision of a First List of Hazards/Preliminary Hazards Analysis

Available concepts and methodologies of Hazard analysis are outlined and existing Hazard Analysis are reviewed. The focus is on such analyses, which are actually used in the European Transportation sector. This includes analysis of operators, suppliers and research institutes. The objective is the generation of a Preliminary Hazard List.

Consistency of the Final Hazards Analysis

Completion of hazard analyses in such a way, that no residual or even exotic combination of possible hazards in a guided urban transport system will be neglected. Therefore, also aspects like staff safety, maintenance safety etc. are taken into account

MODSafe Risk Analysis

The outline of the MODSafe Hazard Analysis represents the fundamental data base for the later Consequence and Risk Analysis. For the definition of safety requirements risk analysis shall be agreed.