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MODSafe was present at the TRA Conference 2012. The TRA "Transport Research Arena" 2012 
was held
on April 23-26, 2012 in Athens, Greece.

WP6 Safety Life Cycle Responsabilities

The objective of WP 6 is to identify common practices for safety approval of guided transport systems and especially ATC-Systems by regulatory authorities and other involved parties, throughout the different countries of European Union. On this basis a standard approaches for building, assessing and approving the different safety files will be proposed as necessary to bear responsibility and to obtain the authorizations to put these systems into service.

It is planned to develop and propose a standard approaches for the safety life cycle within the approval of guided transport systems and especially ATC-Systems. This standard safety life cycle will be defined in a way which ensures applicability all over Europe.

As a basis for the development of this safety life cycle a survey of the currently used safety life cycle approaches is needed. This survey will be compiled based on the experience of the involved partners and by interviews in selected Countries in addition.

The work will consist in:

  • Survey of current safety life cycle processes
  • Identification of similarities within the current safety life cycle processes
  • Development of standard safety life cycle processes