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Please find here more information about the MODSafe Final Conference in Cologne.


MODSafe was present at the TRA Conference 2012. The TRA "Transport Research Arena" 2012 
was held
on April 23-26, 2012 in Athens, Greece.

WP7 Acceptance, Approval, Certification

The Acceptance, Approval and Certification (AAC-) procedures are characterized by high diversity in different European countries. Diverse actors are involved and different procedures and different roles are applied along the AAC-course in the field of urban systems, which are non-interoperable with other rail systems and very scarcely need for interconnectivity with another rail system (e.g. tram-train). The main objective of this work package is to develop a typical, optimized frame for the AAC procedure based on elementary activity modules and on an analysis of current AAC procedures over Europe.

Such typical optimized frame would offer relevant authorities a common reference over Europe and therefore facilitate the creation of new urban rail systems. In the following the main milestones are described in order to achieve this goal.

A typical optimized frame AAC-procedure can only be proposed based on an adequate analysis and synthesis process. The analysis phase of the WP consists of two steps: first the current AAC-procedures in different countries and cities of Europe will be reviewed. Secondly, in this survey the elementary activity steps will be identified. As a result a list of elementary activity modules will be provided. In the synthesis phase first a generic model of an AAC-procedure will be drafted based on the elementary activity modules. In a second step, based on the generic model, an optimized frame AAC-procedure will be proposed.